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Municipality of Tryavna has been changing its outlook for the last years trying to turn into a tourist tow. The town administration was successful in its efforts to make improvements in several different directions.Firstly, it has improved and developed the infrastructure. The water supply problem that the town has been

having for many years became a priority of the state. Many streets have been reconstructed. The same is true for the town connection with the Pass of the Republic. The road to the village of Skorcite has been renovated thus making it possible for the tourists to visit an authentic Balkan settlement with a unique architecture and magnificent nature.

Mobile telephone coverage has been provided for the area.

Several new hotels have been opened. They offer between 20 and 120 beds.

Several Public buildings and museum - houses have been renovated due to The Beautiful Bulgaria Project.

The Old Square in Tryavna has been reconstructed as a result of the project. Green areas and parks have been created. The facade of the church in the village of Enchovci has been totally renovated. The church is a monument of culture with a national importance.

The town administration occupies a new building which has been completed for that purpose.

The municipality applied and has been selected for several ecological projects. It has also initiated the creation of the BULGARKA National Park. It will be ratified in the near future.

A new Bulgarian-Dutch project has been developed in terms of the tourist orientation of the area. The project is called Tryavna in yellow, red and blue. The project will search for funding through the structures of the European Union.

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